We offer Innovative & Affordable learning solutions for 3-17 year old students​

We provide schools with instructional strategies to pique students’ interest in STEM knowledge and its applications to real world problems through active learning, creative problem-solving, and the use of 21st Century Skills.

We Serve

Private & International Schools
  • Enable 21st Century Skills – STEM learning
  • Zero Set Up Cost and flexible fit to budget solutions
  • Differentiate from competition
  • Multiple modes of absorption
  • Facilitates the transition of chalk& talk to Student centric mode
  • Can Support slow learners in the class better
  • Helps in closer binding with students
  • Facilitates CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) implementation
  • Full training on the devices
  • Hands-on learning making hands and mind busy
  • Provides experience for deeper understanding of concepts
  • Productive engagement – build, think, apply, play and explore
  • Encourages self learning
  • Happy to see their children bringing made models to their home, play, explore and experiment
  • Helps in improving the attention span
  • Supports slow learners
  • Effective engagement time for children, keeping them away from TV / Video Games etc.


We offer full-featured, STEM education solutions for Ministries and Departments of Education that address important issues such as workforce development, 21st Century skills, and engaging students in early and effective STEM education.

Latest Technology in Affordable Budget

Eduvira is designed for providing schools with the latest technology in a flexible budget. Schools could select their needs and our role is to fulfil their requirements in the best suitable way.

Keep the Devices

If schools prefer to subscribe for our solutions monthly, yearly, or even by semester, they can keep the devices inside their place until the end of the subscription period. In this case Eduvira may ask schools to sign an insurance as a warranty on devices.

Full Training

Once we decide the needed solutions, our professional team will be ready to give the training for the teachers and instructors. Schools can chose either to do the activities by their own team or we can do the activities by our staff.

After Sales

We have a technical team whose main commitment is helping our clients solcing the issues they may face after using the devices such as ClassVR, iPads, and Play Osmo kits. Our team is available 24/7 for any queries.